How do I Reproof my Waterproof Coat?

We've enjoyed a good summer and a mild autumn.  Thankfully, we have not needed our rain mac or overcoat for quite a while.  It's been packed away unused for many months, and finally the rain hits, and we root about to find our trusty coat, dust it off and... get wet!

What should you do?  Buy a new Target Dry waterproof coat of-course!

But we understand that people can get very attached to their jacket or coat.  After all, you have been through a lot together!  So how can you get an extra season of staying dry out of your BJF (Best Jacket Forever)?

Remember that all Target Dry products are machine washable at 30° (Find out more about how to wash your waterproof coat).  And while there are many wash & re-proof products on the market, we recommend using the NikWax Two-Stage Treatment.

This is a cleaning and re-proofing sequence that aims at restoring the original performance of your coat or jacket.  Coming in a twin-pack, remember that "Green is for Clean & Purple is for Proof".  Now we are all set!

 Stage 1 - Wash Your Jacket / Coat with NikWax Tech Wash

NikWax Tech Wash is a soap based cleaner that can be used on all sorts of outdoor equipment, including clothing, tents, awnings, rucksacks etc.  Just washing your Target Dry jacket or coat can help the breathability (it cleans out dirt in the fabric), and revitalises the waterproof finish.

1. Before washing please make sure to clean the detergent dispenser of the washing machine, as detergent residue will impair the effectiveness of the wash, as will that used tissue hiding at the bottom of the pocket! (Hate that!)

2. Place up to 2 items in the washing machine.  Trying to wash too many items at once, will impair the effectiveness of the wash.

3. Use 3 full caps (150ml) for areas of medium / hard water.  Use 2 full caps (100ml) for areas of soft water.

4. Wash with a delicate 30° wash as per wash instructions sewn into our garments

 Stage 2 - Reproof Your Jacket / Coat with NikWax TX Wash-In

There is no need to dry your items before moving to the next stage of reproofing.  The steps below closely follow the previous stage but remember to use the right product - NikWax TX-Direct -  "Purple is for Proofing"!

1. Before reproofing remove any detergent build up in the detergent dispenser.

2. Place a maximum of 2 clean items in the washing machine.

3. Use 2 full caps (100ml) per garment.

4. Wash with a delicate 30° wash on a slow spin as per wash instructions sewn into our garments

5. Allow to dry in an airing cupboard, warm room or (weather permitting) outside in the sunshine!  This will help the reproofing agent to bond well to the fabric, and ensure that it is fully activated.

There you have it - You should now have a reproofed waterproof coat!

We hope that this short guide helps you get more wear out of your outdoor waterproof gear.  But if you're ready for a change and a new coat for a new season, check out our Target Dry collection!