How to Wash Your Waterproof Coat

The more you wear your waterproof coat, the more dirt you will find building up on it. This can lessen the effectiveness of the waterproof coating as well as the breathability of the coat. We’ve put together a guide on how to wash your Target Dry coat as this is a good question we are frequently asked.

Just follow these steps to make your waterproof coat feel like new again:

    • Before you put it in the machine, try and brush off as much loose mud or dirt as possible. Be sure to do up any zips, buttons or Velcro tabs as these can get caught in the washing machine.
    • Make sure there is no extra washing powder lurking in the detergent drawer of your machine from previous washes. Normal washing powder can damage and deface the waterproof coating on your coat, making it less waterproof and more susceptible to leaks.
    • We recommend using pure soap suds to wash your coat. Dri-Pak Soap Flakes are a good choice. Follow the instructions on the packet for the correct directions and amount to use. Do not use fabric softeners on our waterproof products as these can also be very harmful.
    • Place your waterproof coat in the machine. It is best to wash your Target Dry coat on its own or with only one or two other similarly coloured garments.
    • Wash at 30 degrees (on a delicate setting if the machine provides this option) and allow the machine to complete a full wash and spin cycle.
    • When the wash is complete, waterproof garments are best left to dry out naturally, but they may be dried in a tumble drier at a low or medium heat if the care instructions allow (most of our waterproof products do not allow tumble drying so be sure to pay attention to the label).

      If you notice that the fabric of your jacket is beginning to absorb water rather than repel it, you may also need to reproof your garment. This is not necessary every time you wash it, but we would recommend that you do it periodically when you think it needs it.

      Keep an eye out for our next blog post- we will be explaining the best way to reproof your waterproof coat!