5 Reasons to take a Staycation this Easter

5 Reasons to Take a Staycation

The previously underrated staycation has been becoming increasingly popular in recent years.

This popularity has come about through a new-found enthusiasm to explore the areas of beauty that lie on our doorstep, paired with financial strain for many to afford trips abroad.

We often dismiss our home country and the UK more broadly as paling in comparison to the excitement of countries we haven’t yet visited in Europe or further afield.

However, it’s likely that there’s lots of hidden gems in the UK that you haven’t yet visited and may be pleasantly surprised by when you take a closer look.

While a trip abroad to Europe or America or even further out, may by default feel more appealing and exotic to you, there are many perks to staycationing. And Easter break is the perfect opportunity.

So, if you’ve been mulling over a UK staycation, read on…


1. Avoid Foreign Currency

Forget the last minute rush to the bureau de exchange and the disappointment at post-Brexit exchange rates. For a staycation you only need to save up your cash!

This means no embarrassing sifting through foreign coins and notes at checkouts and restaurants or worries that your debit card might get blocked when you need to use it. Avoiding the stress of foreign currency will mean you can reach a level of relaxation you just don’t achieve when you traverse lands afar!


2. No Language Barrier

Not all restaurants abroad are so accommodating as to have their menus in English.

If the thoughts of trying to decipher a menu in French or Italian and inevitably ordering the wrong meal has you in a cold sweat, at least that’s one thing you’ll get to avoid on a staycation.

The same goes for when you get lost and have to ask a confused looking local directions, in English, to where you need to go!

The biggest challenge that your staycation will pose will be deciphering local dialects whether that’s Northern Irish, Scottish, Welsh or the plethora of varying English accents; embrace the wealth of interesting accents the UK has to offer.


3. Cost Effective

Perhaps one of the main attractions to a staycation is how much cheaper it is than going further afield. This is likely to resonate strongly with large families and how costs multiply per person.

Staycationing will help in avoiding tourist traps and paying hiked up prices. Booking things in advance and making use of offers on Groupon will also help in making it into a cost effective trip.


4. No Long Travel Times

You won’t have to worry about the strife of impending jet lag after a long flight. You might even get to dodge the whole rigmarole of the airport if you’re going somewhere within driving or train/bus distance.

Getting to where you want to be for your staycation will, overall, be a relatively painless and quick process meaning you can get into the holiday spirit all the sooner!


5. Weather You're Used To

It's obviously fantastic to get away to a hot country and soak up the sunshine for a few days. And while you may not necessarily get the same level of warm weather on a UK staycation, at least there are no high expectations for the weather!

There's nothing worse than getting to a hot country where you're expecting long days of sunshine only to step off the plane into an overcast day.

You might be lucky and get some Spring rays but if not, make sure you have your waterproof raincoat and wellies at the ready!