4 Reasons to be Excited About Winter

4 reasons to get excited about winter

Winter is a month that tends to be dreaded. From the long hours of darkness to that chill when you get out of bed in the morning, winter is, for the most part, survived as opposed to enjoyed.

Yet, amid all the nasty points, there is still a certain sense of magic to the winter months. From the cosiness of settling in for the night after a long, cold day to cracking hats, scarves and all manner of woollen delights. When you start to curse the cold for freezing up your windscreen in the morning, bear these good points in mind!


1. Getting a bit of Hygge in your Life

The so called Danish art of living well has really taken off with the advent of Louisa Thomsen Brits’ book “The Book of Hygge” and the great news is that you can bring a bit of Hygge into your life right now.

Hygge is all about creating a cosy, comforting atmosphere (perfect for winter time), embracing peacefulness, safety, warmth, enjoyment and contentment. Embracing life fully, in the moment is central to the Hygge philosophy. There must be something to be said for it too since the Danes are said to be the happiest nation in the world


2. Hot Drinks

'Tis the season of hot drinks and my, do we have plenty to choose from in the winter months. Pumpkin spice flavours are suddenly in abundance, egg nog, peppermint mochas and lets not forget mulled wine and mulled cider.


3. Christmas Parties

The stress of all that cold weather and Christmas shopping can drive us to blow off a bit of steam by having a few festive drinks with friends. From Christmas jumper parties to Christmas markets the Yuletide season is brimming with excuses to spend some time amid good company and brighten up those dark evenings. And let’s face it, there’s just a sense of excitement in the air when going out during the countdown to Christmas that isn’t in the air at any other time of year.


4. Blissful Boredom

Winter is the season of embracing the blissful side to boredom. Whenever you’re completely snowed in and there’s nothing else for it but to get comfy on the sofa and watch that boxset you’ve been meaning to watch for ages. or settling in on a dark rainy evening with a thick book.