Technical Gear Terms

What does waterproof (5000/7000mm) mean?

This number is the measurement used to judge the level of waterproofness of a fabric. The test involves placing a long column on top of a sample of the garment's material, then filling it with water. The water level is increased until the fabric starts to leak. In our case, we have a brilliant 7000mm, or 7 metres worth of waterproofness on most of our products, including our Mac in a Sac Origin Jackets.

What does breathable (5000/7000gsm) mean?

Our fabric is tested to determine how easy it is for water vapour to travel from the inside to the outside. A breathable jacket will be more comfortable to wear, and will keep you warmer as condensation doesn't have a chance to build up! The test is done by measuring the amount of water vapour (in grams) that pass through a 1 metre square of the fabric.

What does 330g/sm Anti-Pill Brushed Fleece mean?

This number (330g/ms) is the weight per meter squared of the fabric. The higher the number, the warmer the fleece. Anti-Pill Brushed means the fabric is a smooth finish and will not ball like other fleeces.

What are fully taped seams, and why are they important?

Nearly all of our jackets and overtrousers have this feature; the stitching of the garment is normally a weak point of waterproof clothing, as the water can seep through the tiny holes. We use a heat-shrunk taping on our stitched seams, in order to eliminate leakage.

Where is the concealed hood?

We've designed a number of packaway jackets with a hood tucked into the collar. This means that you can keep it from getting in the way when its not too wet. You can also adjust the fit of our hoods using neat little toggles.

What is a reversed zip?

In the past, we used both plastic and nylon zips -these have proved themselves over and over again. For our Mac in a Sac Origin Jackets, we've taken zip development even further, by reversing it. This makes the zip surface much more flush to the outer fabric, and improves windproofing.

What is a 2-Way Zip?

2 way zips are great for making it easier when stepping into cars, as well as onto horses or bikes. You can unzip the lower half of the zip, while keeping the top section zipped.

What is a Packaway?

We make a lot of items that store into their own supplied stuff sack. 'Packaway' or 'Packable' jackets can be neatly stored in a daybag or briefcase when it's not raining.

Why do I need an adjustable hem/hood?

These features can be adjusted easily using the elasticated cords and spring-loaded toggles to improve fit.