5 Reasons to Get Excited About Spring

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After more storms with their own names brought such an array of unpredictable weather, there's no doubt that most of us are glad to see the end of February looming.

The beginning of Spring is so close you can almost feel it in the air. Well, maybe if the pesky frost stopped making its appearance in the morning.

Nonetheless, to get you through the last of February we've put together this list of reminders about why you should get excited for Spring!

1. Longer Evenings, Brighter Mornings

Quite simply, more daylight. Yes, after a long winter of dark mornings and dark evenings, a bit more daylight is more than welcome in our books. You've probably started to notice it already.

Getting up in the morning with a hint more light in the sky that definitely wasn't there yesterday and wondering if you really even need your headlights on for your drive home from work (you probably still do though, sorry).

The days of leaving work when it's dark and returning home in the dark are on their way out and we are on the home stretch towards summer!

2. Chocolate Eggs

Mini eggs, creme eggs, Lindt bunnies... We've all been eyeing them up in the supermarkets and whether they make you fear for your fitness and nutrition regime or not, they definitely aren't going anywhere... for a while yet anyway.

Just one creme egg surely couldn't hurt? Chocolate has endorphins that make you feel good after all...

3. Spring Fashion Trends

It might still be cold outside (unfortunately) but that's no reason to stop you from donning some of Spring 2017's trends. 

Bright colours, statement stripes and of course, florals, are all on the cards for Spring style. So while you might not be able to leave your waterproof coat behind just yet you can start to get creative by injecting a bit of SS17 into your in-between seasons look! 

4. Snowdrops and Daffodils

Seeing flowers and growth again generally will be nice but is there a more welcome sight after a long winter than the heads of snowdrops and daffodils bobbing in the breeze? They serve as a firm reminder that the end of winter is in sight and warmer days (hopefully!) lie ahead.

5. Baby Animals

Everyone knows that Spring is baby animal season. However, do you actually get to see baby animals in Spring? Unless you live in a rural area probably not.

So why not make a point of venturing on a countryside walk and seeing if you can spot some cute lambs? Or heading to an open farm? Guaranteed it will improve your day. Maybe even your week.