Our Favourite Dogwear


Yes, you really did read the title correctly. Love it or hate it, fashion for your furry friend is very on trend. With seemingly hundreds of pets becoming 'instafamous' for their cute, creative style, many dog owners are following suit with their own pet apparel. Indeed, you might be surprised by the sheer amount of dogwear websites. So, to save you sifting through these, we've brought you our pick of the best outdoor wear for your adventure partner!

1. Ruffwear

Excellent pun aside, in the dog clothing market Ruffwear are in the lead (pun unintentional) in creating clothing designed specifically to withstand the wear and tear of you and your dog’s outdoor adventures. Described as having the same 'technical innovations as human apparel' Ruffwear's products range from collars to Grip Trex Boots! Who knew that dogs needed shoes, eh? If you've ever felt sorry for your dogs' lack of cover up on a particularly chilly walk then Ruffwear may just be the brand for you.

2. Pettecoats

Pettecoats may not necessarily be the ideal choice for more extreme weather and walking conditions but where Ruffwear may lack in style, Pettecoats more than steps up. Pettecoats is for the fashion forward owner who enjoys a leisurely stroll around the block together to show off your pets' newfound fashion sense. However, if you're keen for more affordable waterproof clothing for your dog, Pettecoats does indeed have more affordable waterproof dog coats that have a bit more style.

3. Urban Pup

If you're a creative type who'd like to design your own dog shirt then Urban Pup should be right up your street. Perfect for special occasions and dressing your dog up as a novelty rather than for practical reasons, Urban Pup very much celebrates the internet's fascination with dressing up dogs. You can even buy 'bridal' wear just in case your pooch has a big day coming up...

4. Doggie Style Store

Think of Doggie Style Store as the Primark of the dog fashion world. Doggie Style Store has the most affordable clothing with adorable jumpers starting at just £5.99. They have a wide variety of products ranging from slippers, socks and even sunglasses! Doggie Style Store is perfect if you want to pamper your pet on a budget!

5. Love My Dog

With designer dogwear tailor made for every breed, Love My Dog is a dog boutique, perfect if you want to bring a bit of luxury into your canine friend's life. With over ten years' experience in hand crafting dogwear and with more exact measurements for sizings than you might get with other dogwear sites, Love My Dog is a brand you can trust for quality. This is however, sufficiently reflected in the pricetag.