Kilimanjaro Project- A Q&A with Michael Warke


Michael Warke is travelling to Tanzania with Action Challenge to climb Mt Kilimanjaro to raise money and awareness for The Northern Ireland Cancer Fund for Children 


We recently interviewed Michael Warke to find out more about his upcoming trip to Tanzania, what kit he needed and find out how to raise awareness for The Northern Ireland Cancer Fund for Children.

Target Dry: Could you tell us a bit about why you chose to support NI Children’s Cancer Unit Fund? 

Michael Warke: I have chosen this charity because I know of the work they are doing within Northern Ireland to help children with cancer. It is also a charity that my family has seen first hand experience of how they work and are very grateful for the charity.

TD: Why did you choose to climb Kilimanjaro? (as opposed to a charity walk or swim)

MW: We chose to climb Kilimanjaro because it really is a once in a life time experience. There are also many other factors which affect the walk as you are exposed to temperature changes, freezing wind and of course the altitude.

TD: Who's idea was it?

MW: Originally it was Sarah’s idea, although once she suggested it I was very keen to do it as well.

TD: What are you doing in preparation for the big climb?

MW: We have been doing quite a few walks in the Mournes, there is nothing which can really prepare you for the altitude but we have been doing a lot of walking and trying to get our bodies ready for that.

TD: What are you looking forward to?

MW: Personally I am looking forward to all of it, I have never been to Africa and never attempted to climb anything of that height so it will be an awesome experience.

TD: What are you nervous about?

MW: I don’t think I am too nervous, at the minute excitement is taking over any nerves which I have. This may all change in the next few days though.

TD: How can people get in touch with you to support your cause?

MW: People can get in touch through my twitter page which I will try and give updates through, signal permitting.

Michael departs for Tanzania on 17 October 2013 for his 12 Day East African Trip to tackle the worlds largest free standing mountain. You can get in touch with Michael through the Twitter account made especially for the trip: @KilimanjaroProj