Simple Ways You Can Improve a Bad Day

alt="simple ways you can improve a bad day"

So you've had a bad day.

Well, the thing about bad days is that they're always the result of the way we handle negative situations.

That being said, its no easy feat to not be affected by your car breaking down, spilling coffee down your white blouse or misplacing your debit card.

Yet, when these occur they tend to activate a domino effect on the rest of your day, then suddenly you're thinking about how you cannot wait for THIS day to end. It's a natural reaction. You can listen to as much of Daniel Powter's hit song as you like but writing the entire day off as "bad" isn't ideal. Getting back in control of your day is important to stop this domino effect in its tracks.

That's why we've put together a list of small things you can incorporate into your day to improve it, even marginally...

Switch Off Technology For a While

Whenever we're feeling our worst the last thing you want to see is a photo of that friend-of-a-friend you met on a night out having the time of their life in sunny climes.

Punctuating our lives with these small glimpses into the perfected, social media friendly version of people's lives has a negative affect that often goes unnoticed. It's a smart move to move away from our smartphones and technology every now and then.

Switch it off and banish it to a drawer. Even if it's just for an hour or two it will help clear your head and gain some perspective instead of boiling up resentment and self-deprecation about the fact you're not sunning yourself on a beach in Thailand. 

Read a Book

Yes, I'm talking about that teetering pile of untouched fiction on your shelf that you've been complaining about having no time to read.

If we redirected those idle moments spent glazed eyed, endlessly scrolling through Facebook or Instagram towards picking up one of those books that have been allowed to gather dust, we'd have a completely adequate amount of time to read them. It's the perfect way to escape from the bad vibes of the day and concentrate on something interesting and different.

 Write it Down

Having a physical manifestation of your annoyances in ink can be a therapeutic way of improving your day. Think of it as prising your problems from your brain and sealing them away somewhere else so you can get on with your day.

Take a Walk

When clambering into bed and screaming into a pillow for the evening might seem like the only viable option to finish your bad day, often this won't help you stop dwelling on your problems.

It's better to keep busy and if nothing else feels appealing why not just get out of the house and take a walk? Rain or shine, getting out for a bit can be a great idea.

Don't let the weather deter you from getting out in those colder, rainier months. Finally throw that half broken umbrella in the bin and invest in a protective winter coat or a handy, waterproof Mac in a Sac for when the sky looks a bit foreboding and you want a reliable source of rain protection.