Top 5 Solutions for Cycling in the Rain

If you tend to travel on two wheels, living in the UK & Ireland can pose a number of weather challenges. Cycling in wet weather can be made so much nicer by having the right rain gear - here's a mixture of crazy and sensible tips to make the journey less damp. 

Build an Elaborate Rain-Shielding Device

Some clever people from Portand (where it tends to rain a lot) decided to build this little beauty. Looks like it might even have a radio? (Tracy Hunter, Creative Commons)

How about this for a little creativity? The Design team at SiteLA created this wraparound rain hood. Just don't go out on a windy day. (Site LA Creative Commons)

Invest in some Bike Mudguards

Avoid the mud/water stripe on your back by screwing on a pair of these. (MSVG, Creative Commons)

Buy a Cycling Poncho (like this guy!)

Our cycling friend has obviously used his poncho for many a year. Check out our Mac in a Sac Waterproof Cycling Poncho, starting from £19.99 which looks a little less... Fisherman. (Robert S Donovan, Creative Commons)

Finally, Multi tasking with an Umbrella

We're pretty sure cycling with an umbrella is illegal in many countries. Can't see why... Take the sensible option and get a pair of Mac in a Sac Cycling Overtrousers and maybe a Mac in a Sac Jacket to match.