Ladies Outback Coat - Product Spotlight

We've had this popular full length coat in our collection for a few years now, and it's set to stay...

The Outback coat has taken it design cues from our country range, featuring a full plaid lining, as well as a removable cape and hood. We chose 6 nice colour options, and given it a generous fit to allow you to wear a layer underneath.


These type of coats are also referred to as 'Drover Coats' or 'Duster Coats' and were originally designed for protection against the elements when horse riding. Don't worry if you don't have a horse though, they are perfectly capable as a fashionable overcoat when spending time outside on a rainy day. You can find the men's version, the Stockman coat in our store too...


Our heritage and speciality was waterproof fabrics, so when we made the Outback, we made sure that it was going to withstand a downpour. Being full length, it does just that, without the need for overtrousers. 

Full Length Outback Coat, Aubergine