What size is a Mac in a Sac when it's all packed up?

This week we are exploring our Packaway range. In total, we offer many Packaway products to choose from. These products are of course designed to pack up small enough to easily carry in your bag when the sun comes out. Two questions we are frequently asked are:

1. "What size are the jackets/overtrousers when they are packed up?"

2. "How much do they weigh?"

This blog post is designed to answer these questions. We have measured the length, width and depth of each product and weighed it too so you can be sure which one is best for you.

Below, we have included all of the measurements of our Mac in a Sac (Adults & Kids), Mac in a Sac Overtrousers (Adults & Kids), Mac in a Sac Poncho, our Unisex Travel Coat and previous versions.

We have also taken a picture of each product all packed up to give you an idea of what it looks like. Match the number to the picture to see how each jacket looks when it is packed away.