5 Pieces To Add To Your Winter Wardrobe

It's that time of the year again when the weather turns and we dig out the winter woolies for the approaching cold spell. It's the one season of the year when I think you're fully justified adding some new pieces as you will get so much wear from them between now and April.

So that got me thinking about 5 pieces to add to your winter wardrobe - here are my recommendations!

First up, you won't be surprised to hear if you read my blog, is a new coat. Many an outfit will be raised from the mediocre to the fabulous if you add an amazing coat. Khaki green is a total classic and with the right accessories and colours underneath, it can suit almost all skin tones and hair colours. I can vouch for this Georgia parka coat as I have one in my wardrobe. It is light in weight but heavy in warmth and you will wear it year after year.

Every winter, I add a pair of ankle boots to my wardrobe and ensure I remove an older pair at the same time as there's always a pair that's had its day. This season, I'm once again adding a pair of Seven Boot Lane boots to the collection. Beautifully made of the highest quality leather, there are some fabulous designs this season. I'm currently coveting this pair - I have them in grey already and they are the comfiest boots I own.

Great jeans are a must all year round and at this time of year, you can be a bit braver with your colours and go for a sparkly grey or an aubergine. That means they can be worn with all the best winter colours - grey, navy, black & camel. 

If you don't have a cape in your AW15 wardrobe, then you're missing a trick. I've featured this one on the blog before. It has a great colour selection in it, is well priced and most importantly, it doesn't slip off your shoulders. All for less than £20!

To finish it all off - it's got to be a gorgeous butter soft leather cross body bag. Every season should have one and my one this season is from Yoshi in the most stunning leather I've ever come across. This colour is a gorgeous neutral shade - perfect with the purples, browns and blacks of the season. 

Roll on winter - I'm ready for you!