January 17, 2018

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kaity hall


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5 Day Trip Perfect Spring Coats and Jackets

We’re on the cusp of May and we all know that’s when Spring has its last great finale before Summer. And while we might not be blessed with the warmest weather here in the UK and Ireland, when the sun peeks out we like to make the absolute most of it!

Whatever day trips or travel you might have planned for May, check out our selection of day trip perfect coats and jackets.

While you can’t guarantee sunshine you can guarantee you’ll look stylish and be protected from any showers attempting to rain on your parade.


1. Wren

Target Dry Lighthouse Clothing Wren Waterproof Jacket

A wonderfully relaxed and stylish jacket, Wren will keep you comfy while you take in the salty sea air on a beach walk or collecting a quiet few moments on a park bench. With high waterproof and breathability levels, surprise needn’t be a nasty surprise.

Pair Wren up with your favourite pair of skinnies and a soft knit jumper for a stylishly understated look.


2. Mac in a Sac Neon

Target Dry Mac in a Sac Neon Waterproof Jacket

Lightweight, waterproof and breathable, our Mac in a Sac jackets are globally renowned for both their effective rain cover-up and handiness.

Neatly folding away into its own packable “sac” you can store your Mac in a Sac away in your handbag or backpack until you need it. Available in lots of vibrant colours to brighten up your rainy day!


3. Bowline

Target Dry Lighthouse Clothing Bowline Jacket

Our first ever rubberized rain jacket, the Bowline is available in Dandelion and Midnight. Add a bit of festival style to your SS17 day trip look and stay protected when grey clouds are looming.

Dress it up with a cute tea dress or opt for a relaxed weekend look with jeans and a striped tee.


4. Rayna

Target dry Lighthouse Clothing Rayna Waterproof Coat

Wear Rayna’s long length romantic style on walks by the pier and al fresco coffee breaks on warmer days.

Available in three beautiful Spring/Summer shades, this investment piece will be your new go-to coat.


5. Solar

Target Dry Xtreme Series Solar Waterproof Jacket

Available in the warm yellow tones of “Sulphur” or the grey shades of “Zinc” Solar is the essential jacker for those more active trips out hiking and backpacking, when you’re likely to be outside for longer periods of time.

With a high waterproof level of 8000mm and a breathability of 4000gsm, this is a high performance jacket that will keep you dry and comfy in the worst turns in the weather.

January 26, 2016

kaity hall
kaity hall


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Target Dry Guide to Keeping Warm (and Stylish) This Winter

alt="keeping warm this winter"

When the temperatures plummet and frost glitters teasingly on the footpaths, venturing outside can become a dreaded prospect. Does wearing layer upon layer of clothing to the point of movement restriction sound familiar? When coordinated outfits are abandoned in favour of keeping warm, and the practical clothes you shunned before are a necessity, winter really becomes the most frustrating time of year. Gone are the days of those day dresses and light jackets hanging tantalisingly in your wardrobe as you long for brighter days. Do not despair however, your Target Dry guide to keeping warm, and importantly, stylish this winter is here to see you through to spring and make those winter days more bearable.

1. Layering

Your Mum has probably hammered this to you before but it really is all about the layers whenever the temperatures drop. It's important to have a base layer, a mid layer and an outer layer, these will trap air and thus help to keep you warm. If you stick to these three stages when putting your outfit together you should be well on your way to being warm. Your base layer should fitted quite close to the body as it will suck in perspiration from your skin. It should be made ideally from a warm material such as wool or fleece. Avoid cotton as this retains perspiration and will in turn make you cold.

For your mid layer body warmers/gilets are great investments to keep you warm without adding on an extra bulky layer to your arms - Yes, elbow movement doesn't need to be compromised after all this winter!

For your outer layer ventilation and breathability are a must. This will help when going between different temperatures, such as walking to the bus stop in the cold then getting on to a warm bus. Instead of your body struggling under the heat, with a breathable outer layer you'll handle varying temperatures with ease. Long waterproof coats are perfect for rainy mornings whereas quilted waterproof coats are a must have for those colder, wintery mornings.

2. Layering 2.0

Layering doesn't need to be limited to your torso, especially if you wear jeans and leggings often. With jeans and leggings not tending to be the warmest material for winter it can be a good idea to put on a pair of tights underneath them for a bit of extra protection from the cold. Runners tights tend to retain the heat best so you can finally end the annoyance of seemingly constant cold legs this winter.

3. The Hat Question

If you're stuck with the dilemma of having your hair ruined by a winter hat, perhaps it will make your decision easier by finding out that your head being the area of your body you lose body heat from more than any other is most is likely to be a myth. So, if you really want to skip a hat today, perhaps this info will ease your guilt. However, it is worth bearing in mind that any exposed part of your body will contribute to loss of body heat. So while we can't really wear onesies to work (unfortunately), adequately covering yourself from head to toe on colder mornings is a good idea. It is also important to note that children do lose heat more than adults do, so a warm, waterproof hat is definitely an advisable investment for your little ones.

4. Exercise

Doing some (small) exercise in the morning before you venture out into the cold can be a good idea to retain warmth. That's why they call it a warm up after all. Jumps, lunges, squats and pushups are all ideal to get your blood flowing and help maintain warmth. But, if the idea of exercise first thing in the morning seems hellish to you as an alternative wearing your coat around the house for a few minutes before you leave will help warm you up a bit in preparation.

September 10, 2015

Carolyn Henderson
Carolyn Henderson


Digital Marketer for Targetdry by day, Fashion and Lifestyle blogger at foreverscarlet.com by night, with a love for vintage, homewares and the Irish countryside. Follow my posts for fashion trends, style advice and new collection previews.

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#Autumnalstyle; WIN Your Favourite New Season Coat Or Jacket

With the change of the seasons, comes the change of your wardrobe. Out go the summer cropped jeans, sandals and shades and in go the woolen knits, ankle boots, scarves, hats and gloves. Of course no autumn/winter wardrobe is complete without a comfy, warm and stylish coat.

The past few months have been unpredictable to say the least when it comes to British and Irish weather. Sudden bursts of sunshine and showers have us reaching for sunglasses one minute and an umbrella the next. As we reach a new season, one thing is for certain, the days will get shorter, the nights will get a little colder and the heavens will open a lot more frequently. Beat the weather by investing in a coat or jacket that’s waterproof and breathable, keeping you dry and warm without feeling clammy.

Our new collection has exactly what you’re looking for when it comes to practical, functional and fashion-forward outerwear. From yellow nautical inspired coats to country quilts and perfect parkas, we have a great range to choose from when updating your wardrobe.

Join Our Instagram Fan Club

We would love to hear what your favourite thing about Autumn is, in return for the chance to WIN your fave coat from our new collection. All you have to do to enter is; 

  • Follow us on instagram
  • Like & comment on our post telling us what your favourite thing about Autumn is
  • Repost on your own account tagging @targetdry and #autumnaltreats 

Three winners will be contacted at random and will get to choose their own coat/jacket from the new collection. The giveaway will end at 11.59pm on Thursday 17th September 2015.

Good Luck!

September 02, 2015

Carolyn Henderson
Carolyn Henderson


Digital Marketer for Targetdry by day, Fashion and Lifestyle blogger at foreverscarlet.com by night, with a love for vintage, homewares and the Irish countryside. Follow my posts for fashion trends, style advice and new collection previews.

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New Nautical, Parka Perfection, Country Style Coats & Technical Outerwear

Introducing The Autumn/Winter 2015 Collection

It seems a little unfair that after a pretty disastrous summer, we are straight into the new season with colder weather, shorter days and frosty evenings. Seasons change, that’s just a fact of life, but it doesn’t mean that you have to suffer indoors for fear of stepping out into the chilly air.

Our new collection will keep you warm, dry and cosy on rainy days and crisp winter nights. Waterproof, breathable, lightweight coats and jackets will give you the protection you need to battle the elements and still enjoy walks, weekend getaways and trips to the coast with your family. There is so much to explore here in the UK and Ireland, so beat the weather and head outdoors.

New parka Isabella is one of our personal favourites offering flattering fit, dark berry tones and bold shades. The long length and adjustable hood makes it the perfect parka coat for windswept adventures or for brisk walks with family and friends.

The Lola makes nautical style winter-proof with quilted padding, mid length design and adjustable hood and the zip cuffs add extra contrast detail and comfort. We predict that this will be a bestseller, so be sure to get in early!

The Darcey and the Nixon are reinventing traditional country quilts with colourful lining, curved hems and extra zipped pockets, not to mention being water repellant, windproof and breathable.

We always like to be ahead of the game and when it comes to practical, functional and stylish waterproof garments, we believe in innovative thinking and design. Fleeces Gravity and Vertigo have the unique feature of being highly waterproof and breathable meaning that they will keep you dry as well as warm and comfy.

Apollo and Atlas give you that high performance reassurance that when hiking, running or power walking, you are covered for whatever the weather may throw at you.

Our bestselling country coats Outback and Outrider are now available in 2 new colours, eclipse blue and jester red, because we always aim to have the right balance of great practical design and style.

August 10, 2015

Carolyn Henderson
Carolyn Henderson


Digital Marketer for Targetdry by day, Fashion and Lifestyle blogger at foreverscarlet.com by night, with a love for vintage, homewares and the Irish countryside. Follow my posts for fashion trends, style advice and new collection previews.

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5 Reasons Why Our School Outerwear Gets Top Marks

Highly Waterproof

As the outdoor clothing experts since 1987, we believe in only using high performing materials, expert craftsmanship and unique designs. Our fabrics are tested, so that they pass the waterproof standards that we expect.

When it rains and pours, you can rest assured that your little students will be protected against the elements.

Highly Breathable

Without sounding too technical, breathability pertains to the ability of a garment to regulate moisture. Basically, what this means is that your little ones school coat or jacket will be comfy and cosy and won’t leave them feeling clammy and overheated. This will come in handy for running to the school bus or for lunchtime play.

Fully Taped Seams

Stitching is normally the weak point of a garment, which can let in wind and rain. We prevent this by using fully taped seams, so school uniforms aren’t ruined by random damp patches.

Concealed Hood

Whether the sun is shining or the heavens have opened, we have designed outerwear to combat the unpredictable weather. Many of our coats and jackets have a concealed hood tucked under the collar, so it can be hidden away whilst the sun is shining and quickly revealed when there’s a heavy downpour.

2 Year Guarantee

We stand by our clothing because we know that each garment is expertly made. That’s why we promise that if our clothing doesn’t meet your expectations or standards, we will replace them within 2 years of purchase

Smart kids deserve smart clothes and we believe that our outerwear deserves a gold star for functionality, fit and design.

Shop Kids school outerwear now including school favourite the Vancouver.