September 02, 2015

Carolyn Henderson
Carolyn Henderson


Digital Marketer for Targetdry by day, Fashion and Lifestyle blogger at by night, with a love for vintage, homewares and the Irish countryside. Follow my posts for fashion trends, style advice and new collection previews.

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New Nautical, Parka Perfection, Country Style Coats & Technical Outerwear

Introducing The Autumn/Winter 2015 Collection

It seems a little unfair that after a pretty disastrous summer, we are straight into the new season with colder weather, shorter days and frosty evenings. Seasons change, that’s just a fact of life, but it doesn’t mean that you have to suffer indoors for fear of stepping out into the chilly air.

Our new collection will keep you warm, dry and cosy on rainy days and crisp winter nights. Waterproof, breathable, lightweight coats and jackets will give you the protection you need to battle the elements and still enjoy walks, weekend getaways and trips to the coast with your family. There is so much to explore here in the UK and Ireland, so beat the weather and head outdoors.

New parka Isabella is one of our personal favourites offering flattering fit, dark berry tones and bold shades. The long length and adjustable hood makes it the perfect parka coat for windswept adventures or for brisk walks with family and friends.

The Lola makes nautical style winter-proof with quilted padding, mid length design and adjustable hood and the zip cuffs add extra contrast detail and comfort. We predict that this will be a bestseller, so be sure to get in early!

The Darcey and the Nixon are reinventing traditional country quilts with colourful lining, curved hems and extra zipped pockets, not to mention being water repellant, windproof and breathable.

We always like to be ahead of the game and when it comes to practical, functional and stylish waterproof garments, we believe in innovative thinking and design. Fleeces Gravity and Vertigo have the unique feature of being highly waterproof and breathable meaning that they will keep you dry as well as warm and comfy.

Apollo and Atlas give you that high performance reassurance that when hiking, running or power walking, you are covered for whatever the weather may throw at you.

Our bestselling country coats Outback and Outrider are now available in 2 new colours, eclipse blue and jester red, because we always aim to have the right balance of great practical design and style.

June 25, 2015

Carolyn Henderson
Carolyn Henderson


Digital Marketer for Targetdry by day, Fashion and Lifestyle blogger at by night, with a love for vintage, homewares and the Irish countryside. Follow my posts for fashion trends, style advice and new collection previews.

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New Site. New Look. Celebrate with us!

Who says that change is a bad thing? We love refreshing and updating our products, so to coincide with the new season, we’ve decided to launch a completely new look website. 

We’ve applied changes across our whole website to enable us to improve the overall shopping experience, just for you. Our site also adjusts to any device, so you can still find everything you’re looking for whether you’re on your laptop, tablet or mobile.

A lot has changed including adding in better filtering options so you can discover what you’re looking for quickly and easily, videos showcasing the unique features of our garments as well as a brand new homepage, which we hope you will agree looks and feels a lot more cutting edge. Basically, without using too much terminology, we have made it better for you to find exactly what you’re looking for. We want you to feel excited and inspired, not only by our amazing products, but by our entire website experience.

Before we blow our own trumpet any further, we would like you to celebrate with us by offering 20% off everything across our ladies, men’s and kids ranges. For one week only, you can save on beautiful spring jackets for you and the family, pick up our globally renowned packaway macs in neon colours or opt for water resistant wellies if you’re heading to any summer festivals. Simply enter the code WEB20 at the checkout.

As we are feeling extra generous, we are also offering a fantastic giveaway over on our facebook page. 3 lucky winners will get a coat/jacket of their choice as well as a £100 gift voucher! All you need to do is like our page, like the competition post and comment beneath telling us what coat you want to win and why.


Good luck!


Terms & Conditions include;

  • The competition will run from the 25th June to the 2nd July, closing at 11.59pm on the 2nd 
  • To enter, you must like the Target Dry page, like the competition post and comment telling us what coat you want and why.
  • You must be a fan of our page for your entry to be valid.
  • Each entry is limited to one comment on the post.
  • The 3 winners will be notified on the following day on the original competition post
  • The winners will be tagged in a comment on the post and then required to message the page to arrange receipt of their prize.
  • Our decision is final.
  • We reserve the right to cancel the promotion, refuse entries and amend the terms and conditions.
June 16, 2015

Vaughan William
Vaughan William


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Insight Into The Life Of A Travel Blogger Duo; The Explorer's Home

Being a travel blogger seems like the perfect part-time activity. Office jobs just don't offer the same thrill and adventure as an outdoors getaway, getting back to nature, exploring new countries and discovering beautiful scenic landscapes. 

We are delighted to have Vaughan & Katie from The Explorers Home guest blog for us. Expect monthly posts covering travel inspiration, packing tips and more, but to begin with let's get an insight into their lives and daily routine. 

Tell us a bit about yourself 

Adventure is a part of us all. We can all remember those times of wonder and discovery as a kid when everything we saw was a new discovery and life was full of wonder. Most of us grew up though, filling our days with school, college, work, family… and we lost the adventure somewhere in amongst all of the stuff that fills our time. We want to bring that back for people. 

Vaughan Williams (myself) and Katie Cockerill are just your average people, from average towns in the UK. I grew up on the outskirts of London and Katie in the small town of Scunthorpe, North Lincolnshire. What is so special about that, you ask? Well, nothing in fact. But what we had in our towns was the same small piece of magic that every kid has in their hometown - wonder and discovery. What we want to do is show people that work, university, even family time, doesn't have to fill every hour of your day. The world is a big place but most of us don't even adventure outside of our commute to work and local shops, we show people that you can rekindle that spark of adventure and rediscover the world around you.

It must be great being able to write on the road and experience the world?

It must be amazing huh! We wouldn't know either though… We work full time jobs, just like everyone else! The truth is, there is such a small, glamourised, number of people that travel blog and write about adventures but the fact of the matter is that near 99.9% of the world work, live and breathe in the town that they live in right now. We are no different! I work in commercial property compliance (yawn!) and Katie manages an adventure travel gear store (woo!). We wouldn't be able to write about showing people how to discover adventure in that huge chunk of the day that you're not at work if we didn't do just that, would we? 

What do you try to show people?

Lets think about this for a second… Most people work 8-9 hour days, 5 days a week. So on that basis: including days off, standard holidays, weekends, bank holidays etc, the average person has 112 days off each year. More than that, including time when you're not at work, the average person has 6736 hours when they're not at work. How long does it take to throw a sleeping bag in a bag, walk ten miles to a local wood and camp out the night? Not 6736 hours, thats for sure!

It's not all about camping and hiking, but we do promote it where we can. Sitting around a crackling fire, the stars above you and a cheeky beverage in your hand is well known to be possibly the best cure ever for a stressful day. Waking up to morning mist, a sunrise that can knock your socks off and a brief swim in a cold water river is sure to set you up for anything a day in the office can throw at you as well! And whats the worst thing that can happen? You don't sleep so great and you smell a bit when you get to the office, perhaps. But I dare say that absolutely nothing will wipe that smile off of your face from the new adventure you have just experienced…

You must have a pretty hectic daily life, how do you fit it all in?

I’m an early riser, up at 5.30am most days by default and I don't sleep until about 11.30pm. That is just me and I know not everyone is that energetic. Katie would live her entire life in bed if the mountains could come to her; up at 8am, asleep by 10pm most nights at the latest. But those hours when we aren't at work are when we cram it in. I highly advise getting to sleep earlier and up earlier. Most people like to stay up late as it gives them the sense that they have done something other than work that day - what is to say that can't be in the mornings as well? We went to the allotment to water the greenhouse and made strawberry jam before work yesterday morning, and when I told people what we had done that morning they just stared at me in bewilderment, like I had just grown another head! “How do you find the time?!” they murmured between sips of super strong coffee, “I just went to bed early and got up early…”.

We always advocate checking for cheap train deals (Megabus, Skyscanner etc.) and just booking something when you spot it. Worry about the accommodation later, grab that deal for now! Working in a shop, Katie’s time isn't very flexible, but even then we try to get away on a Friday night after work, on the train and back Sunday evening for an early night to feel super amazing for the Monday - 48 hours of adventure right there! 

When you need that peace and quiet, where do you aim for?

Adventure and discovery isn't always about escaping to the hills. The fact is some people flat out hate the outdoors, and that’s ok. Discovery and exploration can come in many forms. Personally, if I really need the peace, I will stick my headphones in, grab a coffee somewhere and just read a book for hours. Katie is a water baby, so goes swimming for hours on end if it's been a tough day. The options are endless though - throw in your headphones and wander around one of the thousands of museums dotting the country; you don't even have to read anything. Books, crafts, cooking, baking, knitting, even cleaning my outdoor gear are all forms of discovery for me that involve a bit of ‘brain downtime’ - they mean I can shut off for a bit but still learn something new.

What would you encourage others to do if they want the same experiences?

Step outside the front door, for starters. What is outside your house down the street to the right, at the end of the road on the left? Don't know? Find out! Get off of the bus or train on the way home from work a few stops early tonight and discover a bit more of your hometown. Have a sleeping bag? Well it's summer out there (apparently!) right now so grab yourself a £5 tarp from the hardware store and have yourself a sleepover in the woods, I promise you there are not nearly as many crazy people out there as the news will have you believe…

There are huge swathes of the country that are ready for you to discover if you take the time though. If you have a few days spare, throw some kit in a backpack and jump on a bus into the wilderness - there are no wolves or bears here, you're safe. Keep an eye on the weather because you don't want to get caught in a snowstorm, but otherwise you're pretty safe if you stay dry. The worst that can happen is that you get a bit wet, a bit groggy and you jump on the bus back home, shower it off and laugh at yourself! The best that can happen? Well, mountains, sunrises, wild deer sleeping outside your tent, campfires with friends, you get the picture.

May 25, 2015

Carolyn Henderson
Carolyn Henderson


Digital Marketer for Targetdry by day, Fashion and Lifestyle blogger at by night, with a love for vintage, homewares and the Irish countryside. Follow my posts for fashion trends, style advice and new collection previews.

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Inspiring Journeys; Hugh McGoldrick Climbs The Matterhorn

This blog is dedicated to bringing you inspiring and entertaining stories that, we hope, serve to brighten up your day. We love to chat about style, getting outdoors and tips and advice on travel, hiking and camping trips. It's not every day that we get to feature a truly inspiring journey including one of the highest mountains in Switzerland and one man's hike to the top, to raise money for charity. 

Belfast based Hugh Mcgoldrick will be undergoing a gruelling fitness regime to make sure he is ready to take on the Matterhorn mountain. Known for it's difficult terrain of rock and ice, it will be tough but hugely rewarding. Hugh is an accomplished mountaineer and we are delighted to be able to provide him with high performing footwear and fleeces, so he can brave the elements throughout his journey to the summit. 

We managed to grab a few minutes of his time to check out how he's coping with the 5am starts and strict fitness routine!

What made you want to embark on this expedition?                                                                                            

For some years now I have been climbing in and around the Mournes, there are some fantastic routes available and being close to where I live there isn’t really much choice. I also climbed extensively in the Highlands of Scotland while I was at University. I made the transition into Mountaineering in my third year of University when I decided to climb Mont Blanc, via the Aguille di midi route. Since this expedition I have caught the mountaineering bug and been in the Alps any chance I can get. However due to my day to day working life this has become increasingly difficult. I had always planned to do a big climb this summer and when I came into contact with Pretty ‘n’ Pink it spurred me on to organise an expedition to hopefully climb in aid of a local Northern Irish Charity. I really enjoy having the opportunity of raising funds for a very worthwhile cause through doing something I really love.

What’s involved in your training routine?

My training regime is intense and focused towards increasing my aerobic fitness levels, while also conditioning particular areas of my physique. I try and run 10km 3 days a week with a big run at the weekend, this is if I can’t get out in the Mournes for proper climbing which always takes precedence. I do weights sessions 2 days a week, these weights sessions are focused mainly towards strengthening my core, as well as improving leg and back strength which is vital for such an expedition, where long hours of climbing can really take their toll.

Obviously life takes over and sometimes it will be longer sessions some days and shorter others. I’m usually pretty shattered by the weekend but do try and make use of my rest days. I am generally a pretty motivated person but after the “honeymoon” training period ends it can be a real tough slog getting yourself up in the morning.

I am an active person so feel I have a good residual fitness level, I have just stopped playing rugby after 10 years due to recurring injuries so I know how to push myself pretty hard in personal training.

Are you on a specific diet?

To be honest I have never been one of those people who calorie counts, I have been blessed with a lightning fast metabolism, so I eat when I am hungry and I eat a lot. I have never really enjoyed eating fast food or junk food so I don’t really have too much to cut down on or change for a climb.

The main drawback of preparing for the climb is having to cut back on the odd casual drink after work or at the weekend. One evening with a couple of pints sets me back a week so I just have to flat out avoid it.

What will you be bringing with you? 

One of the essential elements of a successful climb is packing light, you are carrying everything on your back so lighter the better.

Target Dry have provided me with technical waterproof fleeces for the climb, these are lightweight and breathable allowing for maximum benefit with minimum weight impact.

I have also been supplied with Target Dry’s state of the art socks, which are designed specifically for such expeditions, speaking from experience of having had massive blisters on my feet after one day of climbing on previous climbs, keeping your feet in optimum condition is vital and Target Dry’s socks definitely are on the fore front.

For the summit attempt itself I will have to be pretty wrapped up with temperatures dropping to as low as -40c, this will require a pretty hefty down jacket which continues to allow good movement while maintaining core body temperature.

What do you imagine will be the most challenging part of the expedition?

I plan a week long acclimatisation period in the Alps prior to my summit attempt, naturally with my body adjusting to altitude while climbing 12 hours a day for the first couple of days will be pretty grim.

The summit attempt morning will be an early start but I am not someone who minds rising early and the adrenaline will be pumping which will get me warm pretty quick.

How can the public support you and donate?

I have had a website built for the climb which is connected to my Just Giving page, all funds donated will go directly to Pretty ‘n’ Pink, a Northern Irish Breast Cancer Charity. This charity provides care and support for breast cancer suffers across Northern Ireland.

The website is

How will you celebrate when you reach the top?

To be honest I haven’t thought that far ahead, there are a lot of extraneous variables that have to go my way to allow a summit attempt, usually I decide when I reach the top. The most dangerous part of the climb is the descent so I will be celebrating with a pint or two at the bottom.

Thanks Hugh for taking the time to be interviewed! This journey will be a dangerous and extremely challenging one which is why he needs your support. Please donate by visiting his justgiving page. 

January 23, 2015

Lucy Stevenson
Lucy Stevenson


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Target Dry Exhibits at Showcase, Dublin 2015

January/February is a busy time of year in the Target Dry HQ. The arrival of all of our lovely new Spring/Summer stock is just around the corner and we have a number of trade shows to attend. The shows allow us to show off all of our new stock and give a sneak peak at our upcoming Autumn/Winter range for the next season.

This week, we’ve been exhibiting down in Dublin at a trade show called Showcase. Their website describes the show as “the best of Irish creativity” with over 450 local brands, designers and manufacturers exhibiting their creative talent. We were there for a total of 4 days showing our brand new Spring/Summer 2015 range to retailers from all over the world.

The show included talent in the fashion, homeware, gift and craft industries with some interesting stalls from Belleek, Galway Crystal, Avoca and Fisherman Out of Ireland to name but a few. We were also treated to fashion shows on a twice daily basis to showcase the exciting new stock that some of the fashion brands had to offer.

We introduced our entire Spring/Summer 2015 range which is pictured set up at our stand below. We are expecting some of this collection to arrive with us as early as the beginning of February. You can even pre-order some of it now!

The collection features fresh new pieces such as our vibrant floral printed Zara swing coat (above, right) and a new natural cotton country waterproof jacket, the Kendal (above and below).

We're excited to hear what you all think when it finally arrives in a couple of weeks. We've our eye firmly on that Rumba Red Kendal Jacket as the perfect addition to our new spring wardrobes!

In the meantime, keep an eye out for new stock appearing for pre-order over the next week!