Sponsorship Opportunities

Be Sponsored by Target Dry!

Exciting News! Target Dry is looking for new sponsorship opportunities. We want to showcase some of our quality outdoor gear and who better to do that than the people who wear it and use it for the purposes it has been designed for? Before you rush out and apply, have a read below to see if we are right for each other…


Why Do We Want to Sponsor?

Because the best way for a product to be seen and admired is when it is in use. How many times have you bought something on the recommendation of a friend? Well that is what sponsorship is, just on a bigger scale. We want interesting, outdoorsy people with a story to tell to wear our brand, talk about it and share their experiences with their friends and our potential customers. But it’s not all about the product. At Target Dry we like to talk to our customers, but no one likes the person at the party who only talks about themselves. So we want to share your experiences, your adventures and your story with our online community. 

Who Do We Want to Sponsor?

Going somewhere interesting, embarking on an expedition or holding an event? Then we want to hear from you. We are pretty open-minded but make sure that your application reflects our brand. Have a browse through our website, visit our Facebook page and get a feel for who we are and the products we sell. We will consider applications from all over the UK and Ireland. Do bear in mind that we are a small business and there isn’t millions of pounds’ worth of clothing on offer. What we can help with is outdoor gear and some publicity through our website and social media channels.  

Sponsorship is a two way deal, so consider in your application how you can help us. Maybe you have a website which we can advertise on, or a blog which attracts a raft of followers. A willingness to provide interesting photos, write a guest blog or two and generally work with us, will all count in your favour. Let us know how our investment can work for us.  


By and large we don’t sponsor charity/fundraising events, and holiday type expeditions.  But if you are doing something good, for a good reason and it is something you think as an outdoorsy company we might get behind, let us know.

How to Apply

Drop us an email. Tell us who you are, what you are doing and how we can help. Then tell us why we should choose you. Have a look at the list below for some ideas of points to include.

#Who are YOU?

We want to like the people we work with, so tell us about yourself, what makes you and your trip/event different from all our other applicants? Bear in mind you will be associated with Target Dry.

#What are you doing and why?

Tell us what you have planned and your motivation behind it. How does this fit in with the Target Dry brand?

#Social Media

Are you online, engaged and social media friendly? How do you plan to use this to publicise your trip/event and Target Dry? Send us the links - we’d like to check you don’t have two heads…

#Use your imagination

We are open to ideas. Maybe you’re a genius with a camcorder and plan to keep a video diary and post it online? Interesting content is the name of the game, and if you have a way of doing this we haven’t thought of already, tell us.

#How can you help us?

Blogging, links, advertising and social media are all things we look for. Tell us how sponsoring you will get our products out there. Who will see them and how are you going to tell them about it?

#How can we help you?

Be realistic about what you ask for, but don’t be afraid to ask. We won’t bite.