Outdoor Gift Ideas for Christmas 2012 | Buyers Guide

As it gets closer to Christmas, you'll need to think more and more about what gifts to buy… If they are outdoorsy, then look no further than outdoor gadgets. Irresistibly cool, yet totally functional...

BioLite Camp Stove 

A wood burning stove for the outdoors - that can cook food... and charge your phone! We first spotted this on the Gear Junkie Blog. I would love one. Available from http://biolitestove.com/

Victorinox Classic LE Sneakers 

The original Swiss Army knife company have released a limited amount of these multi-use knives, all with artwork submitted by their social media community. Genius.

Heatmax 'Hot Hands' Hand Warmers 

Struggling to keep your fingers warm? These air activated pouches are good for up to 10 hours of warmth, which is a lot longer than the common type that can be recharged in warm water. These were pretty 'handy' for our bad winter a couple of years ago!

Target Dry Trek Comfort Cocona Merino Socks 

This winter we decided to offer an even better range of Cocona® Merino Socks... This time its the toasty-warm and heavyweight Trek Comfort Socks. Extremely breathable, yet warm and durable. Perfect for hill-walking in the snow! Socks in the stocking?

Petzl TIkkina 

I bought one of these as a Christmas present for my Dad a few years ago, and its been one of his favorites since... With a great price tag of £20, it features two performance LED's that can give light up to 23m.