Cocona® Merino Hiking Socks

Super Breathable Hiking Socks

We've enjoyed some great technical fabrics over the years, but we're pretty excited about our unique Cocona / Merino wool Hiking Socks...

What is Cocona?

Cocona® is blended into the yarn of all our socks, and has been shown to increase breathability between 50 and 250%. Your feet will be drier over a longer distance when you've taken to the hills, helping to reduce the likelyhood of blisters. Cocona itself is naturally derived from Coconut Husk, leaving a low ecological footprint (excuse the pun)...

Merino Wool too?

Merino wool is one of the softest and durable out there, and it's used in our socks to retain warmth. It's softness allows it to be used next to the skin as a base layer, so don't worry about having itchy feet! 

What options do you have?

We tailor-make our socks for Men and Ladies, with two colour and weight options.

HikeMid Hiking Sock - Navy  WalkLite Walking Sock - Violet

HikeMid is a midweight hiking sock, most suitable for day or weekend expeditions. This sock will withstand Duke of Edinburgh multi-day hikes, or a walking holiday to the Cairngorms.


WalkLite is a lightweight walking sock that is best suited to warmer conditions. It's ultra-breathable top panel ensures that you're feet remain as cool and dry as possible. Perfect for a week's trail walking in Spain.